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About Goa

Goa is most popular tourist beach destination of India, Goa has multi-religious population and based on the spirit of “Sarva Dharma, Sarva Bhava” means equal respect for all Religions. Goa is also called as the “ Rome of the East” , Goa has many famous churches and temples and a harmonious relations prevails between people of various faith. Goa' shape looks like a heart and a poet once described the physical shape of Goa as one half of a shape of heart, the other half being carried in the every heart of each Goan. The Sahyadari Ghats of Goa protects to the east of Goa and height of Sahyadari rises to 3353 ft above sea level. Coastline of Goa is sorrounded by Arabian sea. Many rivers cross the Goan state and empty into the Arabian Sea. Maharastra lies at the North of Goa and Karnataka lies to the South east of Goa.
At North side of Goa Sindhudurg district of Maharastra is located , Belaguam district of Karnataka is located at East side of Goa, South side is covered by Karwar district of Karnataka and West side is covered by Great Arabian Sea which is life line of Goa.

The beaches of Goa are like the curves of a woman's body - warm, inviting, sensous. 
Goa's beaches are speckled with quaint little beach shacks that serve ice cold beer and spicy Goan cuisine. It is easy to find cheap accommodation in a beach resort or hotel very close to the beach in Goa. 

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