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Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach situated on a narrow spit of sand between the Arabian Sea & Asasoina River Estuary it spread around 10 Km. tourist can purchase antique gifts & handicrafts from local beachside shops, the local drink Feni is easily available here, Mobor beach is situated in the north of Goa,which is beautiful & very clean.
For adventure loving visitors it is an ideal location, it is enable the visitors to indulge in adventure sports such as water surfing, jet ski, banana boat rides. One can visit here throughout the year but the best months to visit Mobor is between the September & March.

The Mobor beach in Goa is the popular tourist site the Cavelossium-Mobor is famous for water sports these water sports are situated behind the Betty Palace. The visitors can also enjoy the thrill of biking in the beach Biking in the sand may be a favourite activity of Mobor Beach. Comfortable accomodation can be found here hotels provides a number of facilities for the guests.

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